Friday, June 5, 2009

Starting a Film Festival - “My encounter with Truth “

Is that the Idea in you mind? be ready check your pockets, bank account , friends and followers , I assure you that nobody will be remain yours, it’s a dead deal .

But yes there are always some people who loves to jump in a well .. I have an experience of working in few such deals I will be sharing what I have experienced, lots of things did not worked for me look now I am sitting in my house without work enjoying a packet of Chips with a cup of black coffee reading books and taking workshops to ignite myself back in life .

Going back to 2005 visiting a International Film Festival was a great experience , during a festival I came to know what film festivals are all about but yes one thing which I enjoyed a lot was the quality and content of films . I started reading about film festivals and never missed any festival after that in the Capital.

My passion drived me further and I visited almost every film festival in the country from North to South . My biggest experience was coming back from a Kerala Film Festival in a General Compartment of the Train eating rice with redchillies in Andhra . redchilles were really hot as every bite was telling me , is this the thing you want to do in your life ? When we reached Nizzamudin Station we were left with the bus fair only and I can see a huge board outside that “ Delhi Apka Swagat Karti hai” …….

Visiting to other festivals, Gaining experience, meeting people and discussing films always makes me feel good and deep Sleep in the night is guaranteed.

I was firm on my feeling that yes I too will be having my own film festival one day , in the beginning me and few of my friends started a Club where we used to showcase few films in our own circle , someone bringing new DVDs and we enjoying together , discussing and having a small party once in a month .

In last five years I spent hell of money in transportation, meetings and other expenditures if I could have saved it I would have been a owner of a Benz Though running in a circle of corporate for a Sponsorships was the toughest job its corruption everywhere .

Finally we got a Venue confirmed in one of the premier cultural center in central Delhi Where we did our first festival , we all organizers were happy to see house full but once again after totally bankrupting and living on loans it was impossible at that time to stand again but hopes never falls down .

From year 2006 I started working as a Volunteer in a International Film Festival worked for around 3 years spending my own money , and bankrupting day by day but my passion for a film festival was driving me each day .

I learnt 100 ups and 1000 downs during this period , commitments , no commitments but works was the first priority and learned a golden rule that creativity dies in a non creative group .

Few Friends were helping maybe they thought if the jackpot hits it will be joy on 360 degree which anyhow did not worked out . though after all this I thought of starting a New Festival but then my Left side of Brain Started working .

Got this quote on facebook written by someone which I totally believe in "ur not a loser or failure until u give up hope of trying to do it right d next time."

Now I am working as a Scriptwriter, and yes I got work too and good work but my passion for working in a Film Festival is still their , I am looking for a like minded festival or group to work . I am Interested in working in Regional Film Markets towards the Quality and International Content after all we are rich in content from last 5000 years and that too coming from all regional dimensions of the country .

Bankrupting words is repeated many times because that’s the film festivals are all about . though it hurts sometime when I stand alone on my rooftop but I know I will see a ray of hope again .

In my next article I will share my experience on Organizing a International Film Festival, and share my notes on Creative , communication and Planning of Film Festival


  1. Dear Rahul,
    I also read somewhere only hardships teach what you should exactly be doing and where you should be heading to.
    Nice post. Would like to read more about ur experience at the film festival during those 3 years.

  2. experiences makes a man perfect gain more experience...

  3. Tejpal Singh VasishtJune 7, 2009 at 2:40 AM

    Dear Rahul,
    Its true, where there is a will there is a way, I have seen you diving deep in the life, and can surly say "You are the Path finder". Best of luck for the future

  4. dear rahul, you are not alone on your rooftop :)
    good luck to you and to all your new projects!

  5. Dear Rahul,
    ya u r very true that life is a journey and we have to face all ups and downs.
    Very nice article
    Keep it up!!!!

  6. Hi Guys ..... long time back i spent few memorable moments with Rahul Deveshwar, i don't know if he can remember me or not.. its more then a decade back , first time i was impressed by any guy in a first meeting , although i never been in touch with Rahul ... 2 days back one of my frnd suggested me to look back to him.... and i have't find him when i turned back frnd was wrong actually i know that i have to run forward ..... if i want to meet him......... This is the first time when i am writing comments to any one's blog . And believe me , This is one the best blog i have ever gone through.


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